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Inbound Consulting

Working With Fuze32

In-house advising services

All content strategizing and advising services are conducted by our internal team of inbound advisors and salespeople who businesses can meet face-to-face. We are passionate about this approach as it is intentionally personal, ensuring that only the most relevant content is created and promoted.

Extensive research/setup phase

This initial phase must be conducted before any plan commences. It includes: industry studies, competitive analyses, content strategy development, keyword and KPI evaluations, target persona identification, and ROI measuring determinations.

Access to HubSpot

This comprehensive inbound marketing and sales software platform is essential for creating and distributing all inbound materials and collecting and communicating with inbound sales leads.

Comprehensive Staff Training

Employee buy-in is crucial to the success of any inbound marketing strategy. For this reason, all of our plans offer a comprehensive, in-house training program for all employees, especially those in sales and marketing departments.

Brainstorm Session

During training, an all-hands-on-deck brainstorming session will be conducted in order to determine a well-rounded and effective content strategy moving forward.

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