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Steve’s Pest Control

Case Study

Case Study

Steve's Pest Control

Steve’s Pest Control is a pest and control treatment company providing service in mid-Missouri for both residential and commercial customers.
Steve Hotsenpillar
Steve HotsenpillarOwner, Steve's Pest Control
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fuze32 knows my business. I come up with ideas that I want them to focus on and then I let them do the creative part of it. I'd recommend fuze32 to anybody who wants to go to the next level. Get on a good plan with them and be consistent and just have faith in their recommendations. You will see results. It's nice working with someone who you know really cares about your success.

The Challenge

Steve’s Pest Control owner, Steve Hotsenpillar wanted to take his business to the next level. His goals are growth and geographic expansion into new areas, and he recognized what he was missing…one company to provide consistency, vision and strategy to help him meet his goals.

The Solution

Steve embarked on his advertising journey in 1988, initially as a locally owned business operating from a single location, driven by aspirations of expansion. Their unwavering dedication to advertising over the years has played a pivotal role in Steve’s triumphant marketing endeavors. fuze32 has offered invaluable strategic marketing guidance, fostering a campaign that has evolved alongside the growth of his business. As a result, Steve has achieved consistent annual growth ranging from 15% to 30%, while successfully venturing into new markets. Notably, the recent incorporation of the St. Louis market has witnessed a remarkable 180% increase in conversions compared to the previous year.

The Channels We Used


Targeted radio campaign with a custom jingle


Connected TV

Digital Ads

Digital advertising, Display ads, Remarketing

Social Media

Facebook, Facebook Ads

Trackable Results

We understand the need for easily measurable and trackable results

Increase in annual revenue
15- 15 %
Increase in digital click-through ratio
0 %
Increase in digital conversions
0 %
Increase in Facebook page reach
0 %
Increase in Facebook page visits
0 %

What We Delivered

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