Digital Targeting

Do you want more traffic?

It’s true that having quality inbound content drives traffic to your business through online searches. But wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to up the ante and promote even more website traffic directly to your precious content?

Good news! There are a variety of methods used to promote inbound content and fuze32 is proud to offer an array of comprehensive solutions to do just that!

Thanks to connections to our parent company, Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group, fuze32 is able to offer our clients with a variety of digital targeting services. These services are powerful methods of promoting inbound content to the masses. Our service offerings include geofencing, targeted display advertisements, and search engine marketing, or SEM.


Using GPS to define a geographical boundary, then placing a digital advertisement in the mobile apps of consumers within that virtual “fence.” This practice is compatible with all free, location-aware, mobile apps.

Targeted Display

Targeting consumers with relevant banner advertisements based on their location, demographics, and online behavioral interests. This practice is compatible with both mobile and desktop versions of websites.

search engine marketing

Achieving “top of Google” status is an inbound marketer’s dream; however, even with the best inbound marketing, sometimes this is a difficult feat to conquer. After all, think about how gigantic the Internet is! Yeah, our brain hurts. 

Thankfully, there’s a “backend” way to achieve this: search engine marketing, or SEM. Put simply, SEM is a way to pay for your inbound marketing content to be listed as a top search result on Google. Consider this a cheat code, except it’s totally legal (and not to mention, genius!). 

SEM is gaining website traffic by purchasing advertisements on search engines. These ads will show up as the “top results” following a user’s online search. This practice is compatible with all online searches performed on both mobile and desktop platforms.

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