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Social Media

A powerful promotional medium

Ahh, social media. The perfect place to find memes and GIFs that make you laugh and make you (temporarily) forget life’s problems. And in today’s world, the perfect place to find the products and services you need! Right? Because everyone is influenced by social ads these days!

It’s just science: While consumer defenses are down and they’re leisurely scrolling through their newsfeeds, they can’t help but notice the social posts that offer solutions to their problems.

So, what better place to promote your business’ inbound marketing content? Not only can businesses share their blogs and premium content from their Facebook and Instagram accounts, but they can also pay a little extra to promote their content to even more, highly targeted audiences! And you thought it was just for memes!

fuze32 is proud to offer social media management services to our clients. That’s because we get it: Business owners and marketing directors are too busy to have to worry about posting on Facebook during the day. But it would be a shame for businesses to neglect this powerful promotional medium because they don’t have time to effectively share their content.