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Discover the Spectrum of Your Team's Potential with True Colors

At fuze32, we believe that understanding is the cornerstone of every successful team. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to True Colors – an innovative communication model designed to illuminate the diverse personalities within your team and strengthen the fabric of your workplace dynamics.

What are True Colors?

True Colors is a communication model using a color spectrum to represent different personality types. The four main colors are gold, green, blue, and orange, each corresponding to a set of personality traits. Individuals are typically aligned with one primary color reflecting their core personality, with varying intensities of the other three colors complementing their character.

True Colors aims to predict individual values and behavior in social and team settings to enhance communication, address engagement issues, match candidates with company culture, promote unity, and improve overall company culture.

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Why Choose True Colors?

Enhance Team Engagement: By understanding each other better, team members collaborate more effectively and with greater enthusiasm.

Combat Quiet Quitting: Foster a culture where everyone feels valued, leading to increased job satisfaction and retention.

Improve Recruitment: Use True Colors during interviews to ensure candidates align with your team’s temperament and values.

Continuous Integration: From nameplates to directories, True Colors becomes part of your daily work life, reminding everyone of the diversity and strengths within your team.

Our Workshops

When you choose a True Colors workshop with fuze32, you’re opting for a transformative cultural experience. Here’s how we help you integrate True Colors seamlessly:

  1. One-Sheet Questionnaire

    A fun and insightful way to uncover the True Colors personality spectrum within your team.

  2. Custom Nameplates & Cultural Signposts

    Make True Colors an everyday part of your workspace to constantly endorse unity and diversity.

  3. Expertly Led Sessions

    Our certified facilitators will tailor workshops to the needs of your company, ensuring everyone embarks on this cultural journey together.

Ready to transform your team's communication and engagement? Contact fuze32 for a customized True Colors workshop.